About Us

 The Pet Orphanage is a public 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Founded in 2000, we originally managed a small shelter but our current mission is to reduce animal overpopulation. We sponsor cat and dog spay and neuter clinics, administer spay/neuter grants and educate owners on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets. The Pet Orphanage has also established an outreach fund to assist owners with veterinary expenses in emergencies.

The Pet Orphanage Board is unpaid. Our wonderful volunteers help us offer our programs and services. The board meets the second Tuesday of every month at the Logan-Hocking Public Library, Logan, OH. The meeting begins at 7 pm. Note that on occasion the meeting time and date changes. Please call 740-380-3002 for more information.

Members of the Board: May 1, 2015 through April 30, 2018

  • Janet Howard, President
  • Susan Davis, Vice President
  • Pamela Burns, Secretary
  • Roger Stivison
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