Assistance for cat spay/neuter available

Ohio Pet FundThe Pet Orphanage has been awarded a $2,000 grant from the Ohio Pet Fund to provide financial assistance to low-income CAT owners to help pay for spay/neuter surgeries.

To qualify for assistance, the owner must present one of the following pieces of documentary evidence in the name of the owner or any member of the owner’s family who resides with the owner:

1. Section 8 housing voucher
2. Schedule letter from Ohio Works First
3. Ohio Medicaid card
4. Letter from Veteran Benefits Administration acknowledging service-related disability
5. Ohio Direction Card (for food stamps)
6. WIC card (Women Infants and Children nutrition program)
7. Benefit letter documenting Supplemental Security Income
8. Benefit letter documenting assistance from Social Security Disability
9. Certificate of adoption showing that the animal was adopted from a licensed animal shelter or pound.
10. Certificate of adoption showing that the animal was adopted from a nonprofit corporation.
11. Tax return showing owner’s family income does not exceed 150% of the federal poverty guideline.*
12. Evidence that the owner or pet otherwise qualify via Sec. 955.201(C)(1) of the Ohio Revised Code.

*Poverty Guidelines
For owned dogs/cats, the cutoff for eligibility is the
150% column of annual family income.  All
dogs/cats released, or intended to be released,
from non-profit organizations, shelters, humane
societies or pounds, are also eligible.  See eligibility
criteria link above for more details.

Poverty Guideline 2015        100%            150%
Family of one                       $11,770        $17,655
Family of two                        $15,930        $23,895
Family of three                     $20,090        $30,135
Family of four                       $24,250        $36,375
Family of five                        $28,410        $42,615
Family of six                         $32,570        $48,855
Family of seven                   $36,730        $55,095
Family of eight                     $40,890        $61,335

For more information, please call The Pet Orphanage at 740-380-3002.

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