Dog Spay/Neuter

Low-cost Dog Spay/Neuter Clinics

We have scheduled six low-cost dog spay/neuter clinics this year. Veterinary services will be provided by Columbus Dog Connection (CDC), Columbus OH. We use the Youth Building at the Hocking County Fairgrounds, Logan OH for pre- and post-op care, but all surgeries take place in CDC’s mobile veterinary clinic.

Registration is required before each clinic and will be held 1-2:30 pm at the Hocking Hills Chamber of Commerce, 96 W. Hunter St., Logan OH. First come, first served; cash only. See below for dates of registration and clinics.

2018 Schedule

  • Register on Sunday, March 18 for the Tuesday, April 10 clinic.
  • Register on Sunday, May 20 for the Tuesday, June 5 clinic
  • Register on Sunday, June 17 for the Thursday, July 19 clinic
  • Register on Sunday, July 22 for Tuesday, August 7 clinic
  • Register on Sunday, September 23 for the Tuesday, October 16 clinic
  • Register on Sunday, October 21 for Thursday, November 15 clinic

2018 Prices

  • 25 lbs or less: Females-$65; Males-$55 Note: plus $20 if female in heat/pregnant/enlarged uterus*
  • Over 25 lbs – 50 lbs: Females-$75; Males-$65 Note: plus $30 if female in heat/pregnant/enlarged uterus*
  • over 50 lbs – 75 lbs; Females-$85; Males-$75 Note: plus $40 if female in heat/pregnant/enlarged uterus*
  • Over 75 lbs – 100 lbs; Females-$95; Males-$85 Note: plus $50 if female in heat/pregnant/enlarged uterus*
  • Over 100 lbs: Females- $175; Males-$150 (see price change info below) Note: plus $60 if female in heat/pregnant/enlarged uterus*

*If a female is pregnant, in heat or has an enlarged uterus (generally due to bearing litters or age), there will be additional charges, depending on weight. Male dog prices assume both testicles are descended. If not, add price of spay to neuter cost.

Rabies vaccinations at a cost of $12 will be administered unless owner has evidence (documentation from vet) that dog has a current rabies vaccination. Other vaccinations and microchipping are also available.

Financial Assistance for Dog Spay/Neuter

We offer limited financial assistance to low-income dog owners. Contact at 740380-3002 for more information about dog spay/neuter assistance.

Other low-cost options

Contact these other great low cost spay/neuter providers for more information about their services and to schedule an appointment.

In addition, Athens County has several low-cost spay/neuter options. Visit the Friends of the Shelter Dogs for more information.    Send article as PDF to a friend