Cat Spay/Neuter

The Pet Orphanage sponsors low-cost spay and neuter clinics for cats. The clinics are provided by NOMAD, Laura Miller DVM. Clinic pre-registration and payment (in cash) is required. All registrations take place at the Hocking County CIC meeting room, 140 E. Main St., Logan OH 43138. All clinics take place at the Hocking County Soil & Water Conference Room, Fairgrounds, Logan.

Financial assistance from our Ohio Pet Fund grant is available for low-income cat owners on various forms of public assistance. Please call 740-380-3002 for more information.

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2015 Schedule

  • Register on Saturday, January 17 for the Sunday, January 25 clinic .
  • Register on Saturday, February 7 for the Saturday, February 14 and Sunday, February 15 clinics.
  • Register on Saturday, March 14 for the Sunday, March 22 clinic.
  • Register on Saturday, April 18 for the Sunday, April 26 clinic.
  • Register on Saturday, May 2 for the Sunday, May 17 clinic.
  • Register on Saturday, June 13 for the Saturday, June 20 and Sunday, June 21 clinics.
  • Register on Saturday, July 18 for the Sunday, July 26 clinic.
  • Register on Saturday, August 15 for the Sunday, August 23 clinic.
  • Register on Saturday, September 19 for the Sunday, September 27 clinic.
  • Register on Saturday, October 3 for the Saturday, October 10 and Sunday, October 11 clinics.
  • Register on Saturday, November 14 for the Sunday, November 22 clinic.
  • Register on Saturday, December 12 for the Sunday, December 20 clinic.

Fee Schedule (cash only, due on registration day)

  • Female cat spay $50
  • Male cat neuter $30
  • 1-year rabies vaccination $10
  • FVRCP-C (four-in-one) vaccination $10
  • Flea/Intestinal Worms (round & hookworms/Ear Mite Treatment (Revolution) $20
  • Tape worm treatment $10
  • Nail trim $5

Registration is first come, first served. Arrive early, especially if registering a female cat. For each clinic date, we sign-up approximately 20 males and 15 females, with 3 additional females as standby’s. On the day of surgery, please bring cat in clean, secure, carrier (not soft sided) lined with newspaper.

If your cat recently had kittens:  The mother’s milk must be dried up before surgery. Kittens should nurse for 8 weeks.  Afterwards, the mother and kittens MUST be separated and it will take at least 2 weeks for them to dry up.  If the kittens occasionally nurse, they keep the milk stimulated and the mother won’t dry up.  Milk isn’t sterile and if the vet would cut into a milk gland it could cause an infection.

Questions? Call 740-380-3002.

Ohio Pet Fund

Support pets by buying an Ohio Pet License Plate. They’re vehicle registration tags that raise funds for education, spay and neuter of pets for low-income families, and for dogs and cats adopted from qualifying agencies. The Pet Orphanage was awarded grants from this fund in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2015. And they’re offering some new super cute tags! Check them out at

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