Remembering Sherry Seymour

Long time Pet Orphanage Board member Susan Davis wrote this article for our Winter 2011 newsletter. Since the Saturday, May 16, 2015 fish fry fundraiser at Grandma Faye’s is in Sherry’s memory, we thought it was time to publish it again:

The Pet Orphanage has suffered many losses over the years, but none greater than the loss of our beloved friend, Sherry Seymour. On December 13, 2009, Sherry’s SUV slid on ice as she was heading to be with her ailing father. She did not survive the accident.
Sherry was often on a mission of mercy, usually to help an animal. She had a special love for cats, and she always had several at her house that she was nursing back to health, trying to socialize or looking to place in permanent homes. She was notorious for coming up with colorful names for them, like Viper and Crabapple.

We started The Pet Orphanage in January 2000, funding it mostly out of our own pockets. In April of that year, we received a check for $140 from Sherry. She sent a note saying she had raffled off an Easter basket on our behalf at Grandma Faye’s, her general store near Old Man’s Cave. That was our introduction to Sherry. To steal a line from the movie Casablanca, it was “…the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Sherry always had cats spayed or neutered at her own expense before she adopted them out. So she began bringing them to our low-cost spay/neuter clinics and The Pet Orphanage would cover the cost. Eventually, we convinced her to become an alternate on our board of directors. We all valued her opinion and enjoyed her sense of humor and stories about her encounters with some pretty tough characters, both animal and human.

She was nothing if not spunky. When a guy stole The Pet Orphanage’s donation jar from her store, she got a picture of him from the surveillance camera and put it on another jar to try to identify him. She even got a $20 donation from the detective who came to investigate. Classic Sherry.

Sherry will always be missed by those who knew and loved her. She made the world a better place while she was here, and her untimely passing is a tragic loss to people and animals alike. We realize that our sorrow cannot compare to that of her family and our hearts go out to them.

Sherry was truly irreplaceable. It’s still hard to believe she’s gone. On a personal note, I was usually on the phone with Sherry several times per week, trying to help some cats, or sometimes just to talk. No matter how busy she was, she always somehow managed to make time for you. She was special, she was unique, and I feel honored to have called her my friend.

Note: Sherry left behind over twenty cats and kittens in her shelter. We are happy to report that all have found new homes, with the exception of Old Tom and Buddy whom Sherry’s husband David has kept, along with their “house” cats. Lana and Sue of Springwood Cabins worked tirelessly to care for the cats and find them new homes, with the full cooperation and support of David, Amy of Grandma Faye’s, and supporters of The Pet Orphanage.

A few of the cats Sherry left behind:    Send article as PDF to a friend